Window films

Window films allow you to bring light that enters your building under control. Infinite Energy has an extensive line of films providing an elegant means for solving many of the most challenging aspects of managing the energy use of a building. Safety and security window film keep the potential for forced entry and weather damage in check and our extensive line of decorative films allow interior designers and architects to offer an affordable way to bring in style and privacy. Our anti-graffiti window films allow property owners and managers to eliminate the expensive cost of glass replacement.

Infinite Energy can help you find the most cost effective solution for your windows so you can save money and energy day one.

Energy Savings & Sun Control:

Finally our solutions help you take advantage of the sun the way you want. Window film can eliminate glare, fading and drastically lower your energy bills.

Safety & Security:

Window film can enhance the strength of glass allowing clients to remain safe in case of break-ins, accidents, or natural disasters.

Graffiti Protection:

Eliminate the expensive cost of replace glass or mirrors after they have been graffitied.

Decorative & Privacy:

With our decorative window films you can add style to any decor or add privacy to sensitive areas.
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