InfiniteENERGY is a biomass company which manufactures algae biofuel equipment, biodiesel plants and biodiesel processors, ethanol plants and ethanol stills. We offer services on all aspects of biofuel production as well as alternative energy. Please call at 1(916)641 0500 for an appointment.

Biological Efficiency: Microalgae are naturally occurring, single-celled organisms. They are extremely efficient at converting sunlight and simple nutrients into energy.

The unique advantages of algal fuels include:

For commercial oil production, microalgae have a faster growth rate and higher oil yields than species of other larger algae.

Microalgae efficiently produce high-quality oil through photosynthesis using energy captured from sunlight and carbon dioxide. When isolated and refined through either chemical or thermal processing, the oils can be converted into fuels such as green diesel, biojet and biodiesel.

Biofuels and the Environment

Global Warming. The combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas has increased the concentration of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere. The carbon dioxide and other so-called greenhouse gases allow solar energy to enter the Earth's atmosphere, but reduce the amount of energy that can re-radiate back into space, trapping energy and causing global warming.
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