Building Control Solutions

Technologies evolved embracing convictions about the importance of providing energy efficient, convenient, and accessible controls for the work environment. In developing these beliefs, new, innovative occupancy sensor product lines evolved. In addition to occupancy sensors, a comprehensive range of control solutions for commercial applications, including digital lighting management, lighting control panel systems, occupancy sensors, day lighting controls, fixture sensors and controls, wireless lighting controls and plug load controls have evolved. In addition, technology has brought to us convertible occupancy sensors, time switches and code-compliant vacancy sensors.

InfiniteENERGY brings these best of breed solutions to help organizations conserve valuable energy.

Smart Control Retrofits

Imagine being able to invest in green building lighting technologies for your retrofit project and in the process, reduce both energy usage and operating expense. Imagine a solution that will deliver unprecedented monitoring and control and create an improved ROI equation. It's all possible with our smart energy management system.

InfiniteENERGY EMS is ideal for retrofit projects as it works with standard lighting components - you don't have to deal with costly proprietary ballasts, sensors or fixtures. As well, thanks to click and go cabling, our systems are incredibly easy to install. Achieve maximum savings at the lowest cost on the market and appreciate payback in two to five years. Now that's a bright idea for your next retrofit.

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