Benefits of Building Controls

Energy standards help organizations establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy efficiencies. These standards should help reduce cost and greenhouse gas emissions through systematic management of energy. When an organization practices good energy management, top management and employees become more aware of how energy is used, the actual cost of energy, the methods and equipment that can be used to control and reduce energy waste.

Energy management standards will establish a framework for industrial plants, commercial facilities, or entire organizations to manage energy. Targeting broad applicability across national economic sectors, the standard could influence up to 60% of the world's energy use.

Benefits of implementing Smart Building Controls
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Reduced environmental impacts
  • Better use of existing energy-consuming assets
  • Improvement in work environment
  • Creates transparency and facilitates communication on the management of energy resources
  • Promotes energy management best practices and reinforces good energy management behaviors
  • Provides a framework for promoting energy efficiencies throughout the supply chain
  • Facilitates energy management improvements in the context of GHG (greenhouse gas) emission reduction projects
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