While an energy audit is fast becoming the most critical step taken by facility managers looking to become more energy efficient and fiscally responsible, many managers don't realize that the energy audit is just one part of an even bigger industry known as Facility Performance

At InfiniteENERGY, our professional energy management consultants take a facility performance approach to your energy audit. In simple terms, this means that our energy audit is about a lot more than just energy consulting.

Energy consulting firms know that nothing in your facility exists or operates in isolation. Air conditioner's will work too hard and will use too much energy if your windows are bad. Windows won't be able to adequately do their job if your walls have missing or failing insulation. Everything depends on everything else, and this is the basis of energy management consulting. When one system fails, the entire facility under performs, resulting in wasted energy, waste money and most likely reduced comforts in the facility than optimal.
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