Needs Assessment

A needs assessment makes the project defensible, fundable and measurable.

Comprehensive needs assessments achieve results because the solutions are targeted at the real solutions for a successful energy project. With the needs assessment in hand, proponents of the project can explain and defend their activities by describing their relationship to the actual development issues. Proponents also can demonstrate the basis for their plan when they request participation or financial assistance from government agencies, corporations, foundations or other potential supporters. Most funding sources insist that a project is evaluated to determine its efficacy, and the information in a needs assessment is the basis for a subsequent evaluation. As the program progresses and demonstrates success, funders will be attracted to demonstrable change. InfiniteENERGY's expert professionals provide such studies to meet client needs.

A needs assessment targets resources.

A completed needs assessment enables an agency to more effectively utilize resources because solutions are targeted at the real causes of project failure. Since resources for most organizations are scarce, this targeting can help to achieve results without wasting precious funding or time.
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