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The US uses 22% of its electricity consumption on lighting. The total US expenditure on electricity is over $300 billion with lighting accounting for over $60 billion.

Every day over 5 million light bulbs are thrown away with over 40% of those bulbs placing mercury into our atmosphere...

The fact presented above is proportionately representative for other nations globally.

InfiniteENERGY is a promoter of innovative lighting products with years of practical lighting experience in numerous commercial applications. InfiniteENERGY is on the cutting edge of the lighting industry and has a clear vision of a brighter future where we see LED's and Induction lighting replacing all fluorescent lamps and CFL lamps throughout the world. In fulfillment of this vision, InfiniteENERGY is remaining at the forefront of technology to bring our clients the latest products. Our experts can guide you through preparing, ordering, and implementing the ideal lighting solution for your business or public sector project. The following facts compound the need for innovative energy efficient lighting solutions.
  • Industrial buildings were not designed with energy efficient lighting in mind.
  • Older-style fixtures gradually lose up to 70% of light output, but energy bills remain the same.
  • Even though facilities gets darker, lighting bill remains the same. Clients typically pay the full light bill for half the light.
  • Poorly lit work areas can be unsafe and less productive, costing an organization even more.
Benefits of new energy efficient lighting:
  • Cuts costs by 50 to 70 percent.
  • Improves light levels.
  • Lasts several times as long, - between 36,000 hours to 100,000 hours compared to 12,000 hours.
  • Light levels will be increased and will lose no more than 10% output over their entire life.
  • Task lighting will be increased, which will improve product quality, morale, and safety.
  • Task lighting will be increased, which will improve product quality, morale, and safety.
  • After a power outage, light levels return to normal immediately - improving productivity and safety.
  • New fixtures require less maintenance and have longer warranty periods.
  • On-off controls reduces energy waste further by dimming or turning off lights in unoccupied areas automatically
Because each situation is unique Infinite Energy looks at exterior and interior lighting solutions quite differently. Depending on your goals we have the best solution for your needs.

Exterior lighting solutions include parking lot/street lamps, flood, wall pack, security, high bay, canopy, and bollards. InfiniteENERGY offers both new and retrofit solutions depending on the current equipment. With exterior solutions there are heat management and ease of access issues. Induction lighting or LED lighting may be the best fit for you needs.

For interior lighting solutions LED lamps may be the perfect fit. Imagine not needing to replace a light for 20 years......

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