Concentrated Solar (CPV)

Concentrated solar power (CSP) represents a key technology of the 21st century. CSP has amazing potential and the market is expected to grow and InfiniteENERGY has developed comprehensive answers to the challenges in the growing CSP market. Today, InfiniteENERGY is a one-stop supplier for all key components of CSP plants.

Call one of our experienced solar power techs to talk about your project. If you have your most recent electric bill handy, we'll be able to get started with the design process right away.

A solar concentrator does exactly what its name implies: It takes the sunlight that strikes a wide area and bunches it together. The coolest part of the system is that it doesn't just concentrate the sunlight; it also directs that sunlight to a very specific, smaller location. Solar concentrators can be used to increase efficiency of existing solar panels.

When glass is traded in for plastic they are luminescent solar concentrators, which are more efficient and less expensive.

Retrofitted onto current solar-panel systems, luminescent solar concentrators could increase efficiency by 50 percent. By making windows out of these LSCs, the glass that lets sunlight into our homes and offices could also generate the power we need to run those spaces.

If you've installed solar panels on your roof, chances are you did it more to help save the environment than to reduce your energy bills!!
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