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InfiniteENERGY financing division is created to eliminate the barriers presented by the funding needs from achieving a carbonless world. We realize that funding is typically a significant constraint for some clients in implementing energy conservation or green energy production initiatives. InfiniteENERGY has several options to assist our clients to meet the funding needs for green initiatives. Please note that InfiniteENERGY systemspresent a high return on investment and can be purchased outright or financed with quick Return on investment periods.

InfiniteENERGY's financing divisions offer the following funding solutions:
  • Lease
  • PPA
  • Private Party Financing
  • Equity or debt participation
  • ESCO services

Many InfiniteENERGY clients finance their system. Leasing allows you to see net cost savings in the very first month of operation with no or minimal upfront investment. Cost savings are typically far greater than the monthly lease expenses, so the system pays for itself and generates positive cash flow. Capital and operating leases are possible.

Shared Savings

InfiniteENERGY can install systems with no or minimal investment. The services costs and or equipment costs are paid for through shared savings achieved through the deployment of the system. Example: InfiniteENERGY will split your new energy savings at pre-negotiated ratios for x number of years. This arrangement does not meet everyone's needs, but is a perfect option for some of our clients.

InfiniteENERGY engages/arranges project financing based on established power purchase agreements or project financials. These services are specific to every project and our financing professionals are available to assist you in meeting these needs.

Contact us for more specifics, on the financing options available, pertaining to your project at info@infiniteenergyinc.com.
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