About Us

InfiniteEnergy is a leading global renewable energy integrator specializing in commercial, residential and public sector turnkey off grid and on grid-connected renewable electric systems. We specialize in solar, wind, hydel and new inventive renewable green technologies and other emerging areas within clean energy.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients conserve resources, achieve energy independence and save money. As System Integrators, we bring best of breed technologies to provide context sensitive solutions. InfiniteEnergy, a subsidiary of Infinite Solutions Inc. (founded in 1997), is formed with the goal of achieving "Energy Independence".

Our Global Vision

Achieve energy independence and a Greener Tomorrow through technological advancements and adoption of renewable energy sources.

InfiniteENERGY's mission is "To promote energy generation and conservation for safe, affordable, earth-friendly renewable and alternative energies, resulting in a cleaner environment and less overall dependencies on fossil fuel".
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