• In pursuit of Energy Independence... Conserve, Produce green energy, eliminate dependence on oil, Save Environment
  • Smart Energy Solutions - Conserve Energy while you still maintain your Energy usage
  • One watt of Energy Saved is Two watts of Energy Produced...
  • Greener today... Cleaner Tomorrow
  • Renewable Energy - Energy of Choice
  • Energy Costs - Consistently Up every year
  • Time of Use Metering here now

InfiniteENERGY is a premier energy solution provider providing end to end solutions under one roof to meet the growing global energy needs.

InfiniteENERGY, a subsidiary of Infinite Solutions Inc., is a leading integrator of energy solutions. InfiniteENERGY's vision is 'Achieve energy independence and a Greener Tomorrow through technological advancements and adoption of renewable energy sources'.

Through focused management, strong R&D, state-of-the-art proprietary technology, exclusive licenses, and joint ventures, InfiniteENERGY is poised for rapid growth at the forefront of the massive global shift towards environmentally friendly, economical renewable energy and state of the art energy conservation initiatives. The company is positioned to achieve significant inroads into several key sectors globally.

The Different Divisions of InfiniteENERGY operate under the following core principles:




"One Watt of Energy Saved is Two Watts of Energy Made"
"Renewable Energy -
Cleaner Today and Sustainable Tomorrow"

"Context Sensitive Solutions with a Customer Focus" "No Barrier to Funding a
Carbonless World"

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